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Improving Internet Search Skills Workshop

The course is recommended to professionals, engineers, marketing, high-tech personnel and managers, who know how to search information on the Internet, but want to improve their searching abilities. The course provides knowledge at all the levels, starting with improving proficiency of using Google, continuing in a strategy for choosing a search engine according to the task at hand, and ending with finding information that does not exist in the common search engines.

Course Prerequisites: Basic Internet browsing and searching knowledge

Course Duration: 1 day (8 academic hours) in a computer lab

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the track, participants will be able to find online information in a more authoritative and efficient way. Example questions you would know how to answer in the end of the course:
  • How to remove keywords from a Google query.
  • How to search for synonyms using one single note.
  • How to find information that does not exist in the regular search engines, but is out there, and free.
  • When to use each search engine (according to the search task in hand).
  • Where you can ask search questions in natural language.
  • How to focus, expand, and exhaust a search.
  • Which tools are useful for searching the Internet
Course Topics:
  1. Introduction
    • Types of Search Engines (Index, Directory, Meta, Special)
    • Why is searching so problematic
  2. Mastering Google
    • Tools
    • Services
    • Options
    • Advanced features
  3. Advanced tools, technologies, and services on the Internet
    • Useful Tools
  4. The Invisible Web
    • What is the Invisible Web?
    • How big is the Invisible Web?
    • Why is there an Invisible Web (and what’s in it)?
    • How to find Invisible Web resources?
  5. How to choose the right search engine for a task
    • Survey of the different search engines
    • Advantages and disadvantages
    • When to use each search engine
  6. Search strategies
  7. Tips and tricks