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This is a partial list including examples of projects.

Information Projects

  • Prior Art
    For an R&D company that developed new technology. Searching for relevant patents, and a market survey to find similar and/or competing products.
  • Marketing Survey
    For a product design studio. A survey of companies in a certain field, as potential to purchase manufacturing rights for a new patent. The survey included business information about the companies.
  • Competitors Report
    As a preparation for Internet marketing, a summary report of competitors (including business information about them), their marketing channels, including a specific analysis of their Web sites. The report included recommendations for Internet marketing channels.

Development Projects

  • Consultation to Xibi Concern in China
    Guiding a developing team in the field of GIS and consultation on how to build a GIS tool and system.
  • Consultation and Development for the United Nations
    Invited by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign affairs. Building a robot and a search engine that is integrated in a directory, to organize information about African Web sites. The project included a robot designed to locate new information that is not in the directory but can be relevant to be added to it.
  • Designing a System for a Startup
    Design of an expert system for call centers, including definition of the internal data structures.
  • Developing Videoconferencing System
    Developing a videoconferencing system for distance learning that is integrated in a Web site. The system is adapted to Microsoft environment and is built as a NetMeeting based Active-X that is part of a Web page and provides adapted videoconferencing services with parametric activation. The system is installed in http://www.eteacher.co.il.

Research Projects

  • Katsir: Research in Digital Libraries
    Installation, management and development, including coordination of a research and development team of a digital library research group in a UNIX environment. Included system administration, bibliographical survey, software development and writing professional papers. Published: Sharon T. and Frank A., Digital Libraries on the Internet, IFLA'00 66th IFLA Council and General Conference,029-142-E,Jerusalem, Israel, August 2000. (html version), online ifla version.
  • TeleUS: Videoconferencing System for Remote Diagnosis of Ultrasound
    Included development of a model, design and prototype, and testing in the Sheba Hospital. Published
    1. Sharon T. and Frank A, Utilizing Multimedia Technologies for Interactive Telesonography, RIAO'00 6th Content-Based Multimedia Information Access Conference, Volume 1, 830-845, France, April 2000.
    2. Sharon T., TeleUS: Design and Implementation of Telesonography, ACM CHI 2000 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Extended Abstracts,347-348, Netherlands, April 2000.
  • CAPS: A Social Recommender System as an Add-on to a Search Engine
    A new model for Web site ranking, based on Social Ranking. Included development of a prototype and testing. Published:
    1. Sharon T., Lieberman H., and Selker T., A Zero-input Interface for Leveraging Group Experience in Web Browsing, proceedings of IUI03 ,291-292 , 2003.
    2. Sharon T., Lieberman H., and Selker T., Searching the Web with a Little Help from Your Friends, CSCW 2002 Conference Supplement, pp.201-202, 2002.

Special Projects

  • Organizing a Workshop
    Organizing a workshop on Search Engine Personalization for Info-ECM 2005 conference. Organizing the technical program, inviting top level speakers.
  • Community Contribution
    Helping and providing answers for information requests from the community. For example:
    • Gathering information about a certain medical condition, including associations and support groups.
    • Finding information about English writers.
    • Finding information as an answer to Talmudic questions.