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Business Services

Various business services in the fields of information, education and training, software consultation and development.


Consultation in various fields of expertise, for example:

  • Design and Usability review and testing of advanced user interfaces
  • Building knowledge centers and knowledge management
  • Developing digital libraries and search engines

Defining and conducting research projects in the field of computer science and Internet, information technology and business administration. This includes learning and surveying the state of the art in the field, starting with the problem definition, continuing with methods and alternatives for solutions, and ending with a prototype and its testing, including a final report/paper.

System and Software Analysis

System analysis, including requirements surveys and technical specifications, from users and/or entrepreneur. Assistance in defining, writing, and executing of Requests for Information (RPI) and Requests for Proposals (RFP), and/or assisting in answering RFIs and RFPs, while using standard methodologies, such as Nohal Mafteach, MIL-STD and UML. Example fields of expertise:

  • Multimedia, Videoconferencing, and Distance Education systems.
  • Mapping and GIS systems.
  • Expert systems (in various fields, e.g., CRM)
  • Knowledge Management systems, Ontologies, and Organizational Memory (including Metadata formats, such as RDF, XML, etc.)
  • and many more�
System Development and Turn-key Projects

Developing software, from the initial stages of concept, until the installation stage, including design, programming, integration, and testing. The focus is on the field of Knowledge Management and Multimedia, such as Videoconferencing and Distance Education systems.


Search for commercial, academic and research information.

  • Information searching
    Locating and gathering information in the commercial, academic, research and personal (e.g., medical information) fields. Surveying of various fields and needs of information and Business/Competitive Intelligence (such as products, patents, competitors, market directions, etc.), or finding specific information. This, while using diverse information sources, such as:
    • Information on the Internet, in directories, databases, and libraries.
    • Information existing in regular search engines, specialized search engines, digital libraries, and on the Invisible Web.
    • Information in newsgroups, blogs, etc.
    • Information in specializing databases.
    • Information in special purpose data repository.
    • Information in purchased (market) surveys.
  • Information updates
    Regularly scheduled searching while collecting new, updated, relevant information, possibly in a Newsletter format.
  • Organization and summary of information
    Organization of material in subtopics, providing executive summaries and digests of the information.
  • Information analysis
    Analyzing and reaching conclusions based on the information gathered, and providing an executive summary. Research to gather information on the Internet and outside, including telephone researches. For example: genealogical research to locate information and "family tree".
  • Bibliographical survey
    Locating relevant, academic and commercial, papers and summarizing them.