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Education and Training

We engage in teaching in the academy and industry, for organizations and individuals, with subjects including Internet and search engines, multimedia and software. The workshops described below on Internet Search are suitable for professionals and ametures, while the technological talks are recommended also for Information Scientists!
Additional topics and tailored talks can be developed per request.

Technological Talks
  • News and Technological updates in Search Engines and Information Tools
  • Mastering Google - options, parameters, services, tricks
  • The Invisible Web - what it is and how to search it
  • Patent and Invention Searching
  • Tools and Softwares for Information Searchers
  • Free Competitive Intelligence (CI) on the Internet
  • Networking on the Internet
Courses and Workshops
  • Improving Internet Search Skills
    Surfers who know how to search information on the Internet, but want to improve their searching abilities.
  • Mastering Internet Search
    Professionals, who engage a lot in information searching, have good abilities, but want to improve their searching skills to a very high level.
  • Internet Resource Discovery
    Software, computer science, and IT personnel, who want to extend their horizons and learn about resources and search engines, their tools and services on the Internet in a level that includes theory and practice, and surveying past, present, and future directions.
  • Multimedia Technologies
    Software, computer science, and IT personnel, who want to extend their horizons and learn the principles of Multimedia systems, their networking characteristics, and the various media features.
  • Communication and Networks
    Software, computer science, and IT personnel, who want to learn the principles of computer networks, with an emphasis on the Internet, its protocols and working principles.
  • Principles of Distance Learning
    Consultants and managers, in computers and IT, who want to learn about distance/distributed learning/education, and/or purchase a learning management system. The course includes theoretical fundamentals and a survey of existing technologies/systems